French Satire Magazine Runs Mohammed Cartoons

Cartoon jihad redux?
9/20/12 1:36:43 pm
re: #186 Obdicut No, but satire of religion can be damn funny. Take "The Life of Brian", for example. Making people laugh is a higher calling than "being sensitive to people's feelings".

In the wake of protests and riots as well as a terror attack against the US consulate in Libya that resulted in dozens of casualties and the death of US Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans ostensibly over a video denigrating Islam and the prophet Mohammed, a French satire magazine …

Israel Tests ‘Iron Dome’ Missile Shield

1/11/10 6:53:12 pm
Just curious if anyone has comments on the rapidity with which Israel developed Iron Dome (or more specifically, its Tamir interceptor). Both Iron Dome and the larger David's Sling system (for use against longer range incoming rockets and missiles) use ...