Covering the Churchill Trial

3/10/09 2:38:58 pm
re: #141 Rexatosis Here's to Folsom/Hughes matchups! Mostly Hughes matchups, because you Buffaloes have already hosted it two years in a row a couple years ago. BALANCE :p

Here’s a blog dedicated to covering the suit brought by Ward “Little Eichmanns” Churchill against the University of Colorado:

Kos Kid Roots for Palestinians, Takes Slap at Obama

12/28/08 3:09:04 pm
They're just idiots who want to seem intelligent by taking the counterintuitive side of the argument. Most people with Western values who despise terrorism and targeting innocent people would side with Israelis, so jackasses like this have to show how ...

Krauthammer: Don’t Be Fooled By Obama’s Centrist Appointments

12/13/08 5:48:26 pm
The preceding comments have in general understated the problems presented by BHO's willingness to spend. He will rely on the fear of the average Democrat of social and economic relations in America going south with the austerity measures that are ...

Obama Ridicules ‘Socialist’ Charge, But He Admitted Seeking Out Marxist Professors and Socialist Conferences

10/30/08 12:23:09 pm
Wake up Alert Obama I share my toys or sandwiches with someone else voluntarily, that is Judeo Christian love and charity; I take someone else's toys and sandwiches, keep seventy percent for myself and give the rest to my favored ...

More Soros-Obama Connections

10/19/08 3:03:06 pm
Face the obvious ... perhaps a minor percentage of Americans even know about George Soros and single digit percentage actually understand what a menace this man is. Dumbing down of America ... but everyone knows how large a divorce settlement ...