Trump’s Lawyer Threatens to File Complaint Against Comey for “Leaking”

More empty threats from an empty man
6/10/17 6:56:35 am
re: #353 klys (maker of Silmarils) I ate this back in March...on purpose...and it was good.

As usual when someone pulls back the curtain and exposes Donald Trump as the cheap self-aggrandizing liar he is, he orders his shyster lawyers to get out there and make threats. Empty threats, of course, because the memos Comey “leaked” were not classified, and Trump himself spoke about the …

Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway Issues Veiled Threat of Legal Action Against Harry Reid

Reid “should be very careful … in a legal sense”
11/14/16 6:05:51 am
re: #40 jaunte Con artists like Alex Jones need to rail against something sinister and unseen at all times. There always has to be a boogeyman in order to make his living. With all the politcal power now in the ...