Our Sarah Palin Poetry Slam of the Day

The Duggar debate needs to shift from solely the boy’s obvious wrongdoing
470The Major
6/05/15 7:55:05 pm
re: #295 Ace-o-aces Chuckles was threatening to release info about Huckabee's so-called gastric reduction surgery which would make his book deal a sham. If he publishes the story and Huck didn't have the surgery, then Huck can sicc real lawyers ...

Sarah Palin has posted another monumental wall of authentic wingnut gibberish at Facebook, and we like to turn these half-witted screeds into impressionistic free verse because it’s funny! Really, it is! Imagine Sarah in a smoky club filled with bearded beatniks snapping their fingers instead of clapping, intoning these precious …

#Breitbart.com Incites Another Deluge of Misogynist Hate Speech Against Lena Dunham

These people are not right in the head
200Patricia Kayden
1/14/13 6:21:03 pm
The comments on Breitbart kind of sound Nazi-ish. Kind of ironic that they're supposedly outraged at being called Nazis by a fake tv character.

Breitbrat Ben Shapiro Pens Nutty Rant Against Lena Dunham

Ben’s blue nose is way out of joint
260Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
10/26/12 9:14:03 pm
re: #256 Daniel Ballard They will eventually have nukes, if they want them. So will anyone. Technology marches on. We can't put the genie back in the bottle.

New Obama Web Ad feat. Lena Dunham Sends Right Wing into Fainting Couch Frenzy

Apocalyptic apoplexy
342Sir John Barron
10/26/12 8:17:41 am
I appreciate that, after four years of trying to obstruct the nation's economic recovery while claiming PBO isn't an American, the RWNJ universe wishes to give us spiritual guidance and enlightenment. //