Irony Meter Explodes: Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton a Liar

12/21/15 7:34:57 am Have a gander at the Bern man's statements.

The most shameless blatant liar in recent political history is calling Hillary Clinton a liar, in a move that was inevitable. In Trump’s line about “being gunned down in a helicopter” he seems to be confusing Clinton’s story about an incident in Bosnia with Brian Williams’ lie about being …

Full Context: Glenn Beck’s ‘Shoot Them in the Head’ Rant

1/26/11 3:11:06 pm
Obdicut, Fair enough, I'm glad you don't blame the beck, palin, etc didn't instigate this tragedy. I agree they are idiots. But I do believe many others and initially this site did Cheers and thanks for your engagement and honesty ...

When Lying Right Wing Hacks Attack (or, Patterico the Idiot)

1/22/11 6:41:51 am
After seeing the longer clip, I find it even more appalling. More context reveals that it is not just a poorly chosen metaphor, but part of a deeply paranoid, chillingly insane rant. A modern-day Father Coughlin. The man is seriously ...