Video: In Interview With Lester Holt, Trump Contradicts EVERYTHING the White House Said About Firing Comey

Trump makes liars out of his spokespeople again
5/11/17 6:12:24 pm
As an ex-carrier sailor I can attest that high pressure, superheated steam is one of the most feared damage control issues- we would use a broomstick to find leaks, they were often invisible and would cut the broomstick in half ...

We’re really at the point of utter absurdity now. In his interview with NBC’s Lester Holt this morning, Donald Trump actually came out and contradicted every official statement the White House has made about his firing of FBI director James Comey — and took a personal swipe at Comey …

Full Context: Glenn Beck’s ‘Shoot Them in the Head’ Rant

1/26/11 3:11:06 pm
Obdicut, Fair enough, I'm glad you don't blame the beck, palin, etc didn't instigate this tragedy. I agree they are idiots. But I do believe many others and initially this site did Cheers and thanks for your engagement and honesty ...

When Lying Right Wing Hacks Attack (or, Patterico the Idiot)

1/22/11 6:41:51 am
After seeing the longer clip, I find it even more appalling. More context reveals that it is not just a poorly chosen metaphor, but part of a deeply paranoid, chillingly insane rant. A modern-day Father Coughlin. The man is seriously ...