Obviously Worked Up by Right Wing Media, Trump Falsely Accuses Susan Rice of Committing a Crime

415John Hughes
2 weeks, 6 days ago
re: #385 Swift2991 Nope: -- Lord Palmerston, according to Lytton Strachey.

In today’s disgusting episode of Our Disgraceful So-Called President, Donald Trump falsely accuses former national security adviser Susan Rice of committing a crime. With absolutely no evidence. This guy is completely out of control, and this is a libelous comment. The reality is that Susan Rice was simply doing her …

In Which Glenn Greenwald’s Friend Mona Holland Equates Me to a Neo-Nazi in Prison for Trying to Murder a Judge

And repeats “NOTORIOUS HATE SITE” over and over like a parrot on crack
2/26/14 7:57:24 pm
I'd never heard of Glenn Greenwald before the Snowden affair and its coverage in LGF. GG impresses me as a very angry man prone to sweeping and unfounded generalizations. I'm often struck by how mean-spirited his tweets are. Anyway, some ...