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Rand Paul Pushing to Defund Planned Parenthood and Subvert Mitch McConnell

A very strange kind of libertarian, who wants to take away women’s rights
221Amory Blaine
7/27/15 4:21:55 pm
re: #28 Nyet :)

Rand Paul likes to present himself as a civil libertarian, but his stance on reproductive rights is straight from the darkest, most regressive part of the Republican Party’s war on women. He’s currently pushing to defund Planned Parenthood with an amendment to a mass transit funding bill, despite Mitch …

A Meeting of the Minds: Rand Paul and Far Right Racist Rancher Cliven Bundy

The sovereign citizen connection
156funky chicken
6/30/15 12:44:56 pm
re: #16 Kragar I never found them charming and can proudly say I switched away from their show as quickly as possible every time it appeared if I was channel surfing. I never watched a minute of that Honey BooBoo ...

Alex Jones Says Rand Paul Is Lying About Moderating His Extreme Positions

Not difficult to believe at all
3037-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
1/29/15 6:53:06 am
re: #225 De Kolta Chair Happens to me every time. Longest I've been able to keep it all off is maybe three months; that was two years ago. Might never do it again.

Stephen Colbert on the Essential Douchebagginess of Libertarians

“When I carry a gun people are less likely to hit me”
36John Vreeland
11/21/14 9:01:14 pm
"When I carry a gun people are less likely to hit me" Have a problem with that, do you? I must say that such a thing is a little outside my experience. How, exactly, do you discourage people from hitting ...

Facepalm of the Day: Rand Paul Is “The Closest Thing Republicans Have to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson”

10/10/14 9:57:41 pm
Rand Paul is just like all of the other GOPTPers when it comes to Black Americans. He underestimates our intelligence and has no idea how knowledgeable we are about politics and politicians. He thinks we blacks will vote for him ...

Anatomy of an Evil Smear

The lies of the Greenwald cult, exposed
6/30/14 7:24:45 am
re: #210 Justanotherhuman You don't understand it because you don't have the experience of identifying as a gender other than the one you currently identify with, which also happens to dovetail with how you experience yourself as a fully-realised being. ...

Rand Paul: “Let’s Trade 5 Democrats to the Taliban”

Great moments in Republican rebranding, continued
6/06/14 7:32:27 pm
re: #383 jaunte As much as anything else, this is why Paul probably won't even get the nod, and has little chance at winning the general. He's a tone deaf douchebag who tweets and says stupid shit all the time. ...

The Sneering Dishonesty and Hypocrisy of Glenn Greenwald, Part 294

A public service announcement from LGF
264Hercules Grytpype-Thynneghazi
5/30/14 4:32:35 pm
re: #232 sattv4u2 But that's largely the result of high child mortality. If you survived childhood you could expect to live into your 50's, and a significant number of people made it into their 70's.

Glenn Greenwald’s Rant Against Michael Kinsley: Just the Good Parts

5/23/14 7:15:48 pm
Maybe late to the party, but here's some of what's notable on my b-day: EVENTS Henry VIII dies, Edward VI becomes king of England, 1547 Pride and Prejudice first published, 1813 Northwestern U chartered, 1851 Carnegie Institution founded, 1902 US ...