Benghazi doge is amaze

Right Wing Head Explosions Imminent: House GOP Panel Finds No Obama Wrongdoing in Benghazi Attack

Wingnuts will continue screaming anyway, of course
618De Kolta Chair
8/04/14 11:48:55 am
re: #328 Islamo-Masonic Conspirator If that doesn't work out it looks like it would make an excellent still.

That’s right, folks, the Benghazi Boogaloo is all the way o-v-e-r now: House Panel: No Administration Wrongdoing in Benghazi Attack. And it was a panel led by Republicans. Ooh, that’s gonna sting. But of course, we know how the right wing operates, don’t we? They’ll just scream even louder, …

New York Times Investigative Report Destroys Right Wing Myths About Benghazi Attack

“Fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam”
1/01/14 6:02:09 pm
re: #228 Kragar In one of those pictures you see a love handle. Love handles are normally not allowed in the modeling industry. Anything over a size 4 is plus sized to them. To me that only thing that makes ...

And Now, the Benghazi Talking Point Bombshell That Isn’t

The only government talking points in history that were ever revised - not
5/10/13 5:05:31 pm
re: #130 lawhawk I've yet to see any evidence that the Syrian government has used them. I also have not seen the UN retract it's claim that the rebels have used them. In fact, they're saying again today that the ...

The Latest Benghazi Silliness: A Preemptive Attack on Hillary Clinton

The “cover-up” nobody can explain
174Sir John Barron
5/07/13 6:32:28 am
re: #166 simoom Thanks. You'd think a major cable teevee news network like CNN could obtain information like this and present it to its viewers. But you'd be thinking too much of CNN, which also last night was bitching about ...

Lindsey Graham Says Romney Harmed the GOP, Then Rants About Benghazi Fake Scandal

Idiocy and lies
106Patricia Kayden
11/18/12 6:52:31 pm
re: #48 dragonfire1981 But not enough people read those anti-Liberal/anti-Obama books to have made a difference on November 6th. Seems like those books are for people already comfortably embedded in the Faux Noise media bubble. Good for folks like Frum, ...

The Ludicrous Right Wing ‘Benghazi-Gate’ Fake Scandal Gets Even More Ludicrous

Cloud cuckoo land
195Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
11/20/12 9:59:50 am
re: #192 AntonSirius You complain about me putting words in your mouth, and then you throw a 'purely' in there. I don't get it. I also still don't get what this barrier between action and reaction is.

Petraeus Testifies the CIA Approved Susan Rice’s Talking Points

Right wing still going nuts
11/17/12 10:03:39 am
re: #88 Obdicut It’s right in the box above: The CIA said Al Qaeda was part of the coordinated attack at the Benghazi Consulate (they immediately wanted to tell the truth). After it goes through the process (political pressure from ...

Benghazi Boogaloo: Susan Rice Simply Relayed the CIA’s Benghazi Talking Points

Ludicrous fake scandal is ludicrous
11/16/12 8:25:23 am
And here on your right you can see a superb specimen of the Speckle-Headed Has-Been Codger. Observe the natural majesty as he struts and preens for his natural symbiote, the Press Camera. Let your ears be serenaded by the bitter ...