Fusion GPS Founder Told Senate Investigators the FBI Had a Whistleblower in Trump’s Network

1/11/18 7:53:01 am
re: #94 Backwoods_Sleuth I think it's brave of Trump to wear a shirt with his IQ embroidered on the cuff.

Well now. Here’s news that’s got to be sending chills down the spines of the villains occupying the White House: Fusion GPS founder told Senate investigators the FBI had a whistleblower in Trump’s network. No wonder Lindsay Graham and Chuck Grassley fought so hard to keep this transcript secret. It …

Graham Joins Loonies, Plans Government Shutdown

1/03/11 1:41:49 pm
re: #83 gamark If we are running SS like it isn't fully consolidated into the Federal budget, but are instead keeping it separate (which I assume you think is appropriate), then when it runs a surplus, it has to do ...