Tech Note: LGF Pages, Now with Tags

36Floral Giraffe
5/09/10 8:11:06 pm
re: #5 SteveC *SMOOCH*

Did I mention that LGF Pages is turning into a full-featured blogging tool for any registered LGF user? I did? Well, it took another step in the mutational process today, with the addition of a free-form tagging system. “Tags” are words or phrases associated with an LGF Page; there are …

Tech Note: Linkage Mutating into Diaries

5/08/10 9:51:24 pm
Here's the latest hatchet job on Obama, filled with the kind of absurd smears that get people hurt. You can read the first chapter online at Amazon. It's basically just rehashed info from the campaign carried to the extreme of ...