Monday Night “Total Loss” Open Thread

549Eric The Fruit Bat
2 weeks, 1 day ago
re: #471 Dr. Matt You NEVER EVER EVER take alcohol with Tylenol. And she did this with a baby? Ah, Arkansas. Why am I not surprised.
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Here’s an open thread as I deal with the cascading consequences of a minor fender bender (not my fault) that has turned into an insurance company wanting to declare my car a total loss, take possession of it, and pay me a fraction of what it’s worth. And it’s in …

Tech Note: Using Media Queries With PHP

Communicating across the client-server divide
370Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
4/13/14 12:11:55 pm
re: #311 Killgore Trout It's so bizarre. I guess the media really managed to fool a lot of idiots by just slapping a 'factchecking' label on themselves. It's stupid for two reasons: First, the factcheckers don't use any sort of ...
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