Taking Reggae to the Next Level: Mike Love - Live Session @ Le Sofa

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re: #339 Hecuba's daughter Show me the ones who pushed back against Trump's demonization & scapegoating of American Muslims—not to mention his obvious lies about thousands cheering on 9/11, his disrespect for the Muslim Gold Star family and his call ...

No, this isn’t the Beach Boys’ Mike Love, it’s someone with real talent.

So Good: Bon Iver’s Full Concert at Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works

Nobody else is making music like this
426Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
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re: #351 ckkatz Yes, KV-1 made a big impression on the Germans at the start of the war as none of their tanks could penetrate its thick armor. But it was soon outdated by improved anti-tank weapons, while the T-34 ...

Thursday Night Acoustic Excellence: Russian Guitarist Alexandr Misko: “Billie Jean”

25Scottish Dragon
12/01/16 7:15:29 pm
re: #24 William Lewis Opertration Steinboch and the He 177 are shown tangentially in one scene that is a bit of foreshadowing. The Blitz is depicted as progressing into 1942 and 1943, which left me a bit flummoxed. The Lysander ...