LIVE: Trump Rally in Cedar Rapids, IA: “Knock the Crap Out of Them, I’ll Pay Legal Fees”

Soliciting assault and battery
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re: #142 Charles Johnson BLAST HARDCHEESE
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Here’s ranting crypto-fascist Donald Trump giving his usual stump speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; he just boasted that he gets so much free coverage from the media he doesn’t need to advertise. And he’s apparently now crossing the line into outright incitement to violence:

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632Romantic Heretic
1/20/15 8:33:15 pm
re: #631 RealityBasedSteve I know. His True facts is always informative and hilarious. This is my favourite. Learned about mantis shrimp from one of Fred Saberhagen's Berserker stories. Always wanted to see the little psycho bastards in person.
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Watch Live: President Obama Announces Executive Action on Immigration

New programs will affect more than 4 million people
11/21/14 11:20:01 am
If any Republicans start yelling with so-called moral outrage, you might want to ask them where their moral outrage was when President Reagan and President Bush the first did something similar with regard to illegal immigration. Steve Benson, the political ...
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DOJ announces broad civil rights investigation of St. Louis police departments
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re: #47 Jenner7 What's odder is that Joan Rivers' "surgery" was: 1) reportedly on her vocal cords (OK: the cynic in me thinks they were trying to KEEP the rasp in and properly balanced...) 2) at a small, local medical ...
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