Pamela Geller More Incoherent Than Usual: “Hitlerian Press: Obama’s ‘The Second Coming’”

“Goosestepping Obama Tina Brown”
1/20/13 5:08:16 pm
re: #135 Mad Prophet Ludwig Why would anyone who's bought into the same kind of worldview question something that they actually agree upon. They wont see just how nutty she is.

Where Michele Bachmann Learned About the Founding Fathers: David Barton

Delusional alternate history with a theocratic message
6/30/11 12:33:31 pm
re: #35 fiveonefive There's both a pattern of hostility and unease about slavery, and a pattern of increasing financial, cultural and political investment in slavery. There would have been no need for the Civil War if the matter had been ...

Michele Bachmann Says, ‘I’m Like John Wayne’ in Hometown of John Wayne Gacy

Attempt at hometown pandering misfires embarrassingly
258Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
6/27/11 10:02:15 pm
re: #256 jvic Um, okay. You mean, people are making money off of it? What will Muslims think if we involve Israel? Presumably this question was never asked, at least not as bluntly as I phrased it. Was it ever ...

Video: Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) Says God Told Her to Run for Office

God also taught her how to dodge questions
6/27/11 7:00:02 am
I think she came through pretty well on Face The Nation. She was called out a few times but didn't show the insanity that she has many times in the past. For instance, the "god told me to run" -- ...

Must Read: Michele Bachmann’s Unrivaled Extremism

Why does the media give her a pass?
197Big Beautiful Door
6/15/11 5:56:42 pm
re: #196 SanFranciscoZionist The problem with this economy is low demand because unemployment is high and despite record profits, wages aren't going up much. Eliminating the minimum wage might produce some more bad paying jobs, but it would also put ...

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): I’ll Vote to Destroy the US Economy Tonight

Why does Michele Bachmann hate America?
426Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
6/01/11 10:18:52 am
re: #425 Barflytom Using stupid shit like 'cronies' makes you really hard to take seriously. Do you believe that government spending should be higher in a recession then when not in a recession?

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) Wows Them in Iowa

Bachmann steals the show from Gingrich, Bolton, Barbour, and Cain
3/28/11 11:01:54 am
I embarrassed to from/living in Iowa. It would serve us right to lose our treasured first in the nation caucus due to nominating Bachmann, or any of the other crazies.

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) Throws Her Tinfoil Hat in the Ring

The 2012 election will be an unprecedented wingnut-fest
3/24/11 1:51:57 pm
I say non-stop Michelle for 364/24 on a major channel of her choice with a web cam in her house so when she comes up with more gems she can spit them out. Let her talk and talk and talk ...

Michele Bachmann: The Media’s Persecuting Me By Quoting My Words

The ever popular media persecution whine
3/16/11 12:26:48 pm
Being a sexist pig, I'd love to see a Palin-Bachmann (or Bachmann-Palin) GOP ticket in 2012. They're both very good looking as far as older women go. I wouldn't vote for them in a million years. But then, I won't ...

Bachmann Dives Into the Gutter

Remember when Republicans used to get upset about disrespecting the President?
2/24/11 9:35:03 am
re: #212 Sergey Romanov No of course not, but there's no good reason to cut it off right at the 2nd vs. 3rd trimester, because if we're talking viability of the fetus to live on it's own, it's getting to ...