Woo Hoo! Little Green Footballs Makes Alex Jones’s “Ultimate Fake News List!”

We finally made it
12/08/16 12:39:44 pm
So, these recounts... they are proving that our system isn't full of fraud after all and that no voter ID is needed.

I’m pleased to announce that Little Green Footballs has made it onto a very prestigious list of news outlets: The Ultimate “Fake News” List by none other than deranged conspiracy-monger Alex Jones! The whack jobs who run Infowars are clearly stung by the absolutely accurate charge that they peddle …

Alex Jones: Trump Is a “Revelation of the Awakening,” Satan Is Stealing Space Travel

Jones and Trump will save us from Satan
3/18/16 7:54:13 am
This is the best thing that's happened to me all day! Wonderful, really, and the best part is he seems to be serious. "Humanity has got to get off-world" he wants what god promised: interstellar travel! i'm just loving this ...

Podcast o’ the Day: The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 10/8/15

Special Ben Carson edition
155Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines
10/09/15 12:51:01 pm
re: #16 Eclectic Cyborg Could be. I think he has decided to throw down the gauntlet and settle it once and for all. He has the support of the military, most (though not all) of law enforcement, and an actual ...

Donald Trump Threatens to Physically Fight “Black Lives Matter” Protesters

He’s gonna punch out any black women who try to grab the mic from him
663The Major
8/12/15 4:11:42 pm
re: #631 Lidane It's pretty sad (or maybe hopeful) when his son makes more sense than he does.

Chuck Johnson Threatens Everybody: “This Will Be the Summer of Justice!”

He’s coming for you
497retired cynic
5/30/15 3:15:43 pm
re: #372 wheat-dogghazi-mailgate Oddly enough, legend in my husband's family is that his great grandfather was on the wrong side of the blanket from Swedish royalty, coming here from Sweden 100%2B years ago.

Chuck C. Johnson’s Birther Extravaganza on Twitter: “Note the Hands”

The Ginger Avenger goes loony
381The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
2/15/15 5:28:21 pm
re: #380 Backwoods_Sleuth And a con artist. Gotta admire a promoter who'd name a frozen wasteland "Greenland". Chucky's kind of people.

Bobby Jindal, Anti-Gay Hate Groups, and Religious Right Wackos Hold Prayer Rally in Louisiana

Featuring a televangelist who claims she can raise people from the dead
100De Kolta Chair
1/24/15 2:39:20 pm
re: #93 bratwurst It only applies to black presidents, at least until Ben Carson is elected Reich Chancellor, er I mean president.

John Oliver Examines the Freaky Stuff Going on in State Legislatures

With a bit about ALEC
11/04/14 12:39:12 pm
re: #770 BeachDem Right. Rand and Ron Paul sound great and then you really listen to what they believe and you realize "Uh hell no, this would actually be worse." I'll give Rand some grudging credit he does seem to ...

Right Wing Blogger Chuck C. Johnson’s Appearance at a Birther Event With Orly Taitz

Pandering to the lowest common denominator of the right
274Jay in Oregon
10/13/14 9:13:24 am
If CCJ thinks that the names and addresses of people with Ebola should be published in the interest of public safety, does that mean he would support a public registry of gun owners? If not, why not?