Video: Enormous Anti-Trump Protest March in Los Angeles

11/13/16 3:11:53 pm
re: #199 Decatur Deb re: #202 Decatur Deb re: #202 Decatur Deb We don't have that long to wait, and that wouldn't be very good advice even if we did. There's no evidentiary basis for your claim that these protests, ...

It’s amazing — and not in a good way — how little coverage this is getting on the mainstream cable news channels, but the protest march against Donald Trump yesterday in Los Angeles was gigantic. Early reports said “more than 8,000” protesters attended, but have a look at this …

California Police Look for Rogue Ex-Cop Suspected in Double Murder

Wrote long manifesto threatening his enemies
2/08/13 7:48:55 am
Of course the right wingers are going to blame his rampage on the "liberals'...don't you all know that Liberals burned the Library at Alexandrea,they destroyed the Colossus of Thebes,brought about the Black Plague etc.etc....Oh and Krakatoa..They caused that to erupt ...

Cannibalism at Health Care Rally in Los Angeles

9/03/09 3:54:13 pm
Makes sense to me. The anti-health care advocate punched the pro-health care advocate. Punches don't typically require health care, just ice. The pro-healthcare advocate bit off the other guy's finger, because he was pro-healthcare and wanted his attacker to go ...