LA Times Pulls No Punches in New Editorial Series: “Our Dishonest President”

Nothing prepared us for the magnitude of this train wreck
74Major Tom
4/03/17 12:16:45 pm
re: #63 Backwoods_Sleuth "They sent Jared to Iraq." "To Fight?" "No, Trump's son in law.... So, nooooo...."

If you read only one editorial today, make it this one from the Los Angeles Times — a measure of how terrible a predicament the United States is in with an unhinged sociopath in the Oval Office: Our Dishonest President. Read the whole thing. Calling out the Trump Horror is …

More Proof Rashid Khalidi Was a Terrorist Shill

543Colin Nelson
11/03/08 7:07:16 am
Excellent research well presented Mr. Karmer. For anyone who studies how things work in the ME, there is no doubt about Khalidi's role with respect to the PLO at that point in time. However, to play devils advocate: suppose for ...

McCarthy: The Los Angeles Times’s Strange Notion of Journalistic Ethics

10/31/08 4:47:21 pm
The LA Times has shown complete disregard for national security in the past by publishing classified material leaked by CIA sources, a violation of the law and poor judgement. Now they take an ethical stand on making public a video ...

A Report from the LA Times Protest - Update: Times Says ‘Releasing the Video Might Put the Source in Jeopardy’

885guardian mom
10/31/08 9:24:36 am
In Gary Weitman's email to Mr. Smith, he refers to "information vital to the public". If the video of the fundraising event is indeed vital, then RELEASE IT TO THE PUBLIC. If it's NOT vital, then RELEASE IT TO THE ...