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Photo of the Month: Unshakable Dignity

719Romantic Heretic
7/11/16 3:57:14 pm
re: #309 I Would Prefer Not To That's my wife. No wonder I love her so much.

Things are getting very dicey in Baton Rouge again tonight, and here’s a tremendously moving photo that captures the essence of the situation: a lone protester in a summer dress standing up to police in riot gear with quiet, unshakable dignity. It’s one of those iconic images that captures …

Following the Passage of Bobby Jindal’s Stealth Creationism Law, Louisiana Leads the Way Into the New Dark Age

Welcome to the new Dark Age
6/03/15 6:27:31 pm
re: #318 ObserverArt Very belated thanks to everyone who's adding PhotoShop tips! I'm favoriting all these comments to be able to go back to 'em.

Bobby Jindal’s Prayer Rally Explicitly Advocated a Christian Theocracy in America

Disturbing theocratic plans
363Sherlock Hound
1/26/15 10:39:39 pm
re: #183 Charles Johnson That's been around for a while. I think the sequel, "Morgan's Miraculous Meningitis", was never made due to the sudden illness of the author. ///

White House Press Secretary: GOP Support for Scalise ‘Says a Lot’ About Party’s Values

Republican values on display
1/05/15 8:32:24 pm
re: #182 dog philosopher Which part? Agile is just industry best practices that go back to the 1950s with military jet development. Nothing magical about it. It's been around forever. Where we really see benefits today are where requirements are ...

White Supremacists Run Interference for Steve Scalise

This is me, still not buying it for one microsecond
1/01/15 12:49:01 pm
re: #3 Charles Johnson It says a lot doesn't it that white nationalists who you'd think would be openly elated that one of their own was in power have decided to distance themselves from him, because they're apparently afraid that ...

Louisiana Republicans Getting Set to Make the Bible the Official State Book

Establishment Clause ring a bell?
4/18/14 8:06:40 am
Politicians who take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and then promote legislation that is clearly Unconstitutional are violating their oath of office and should be removed from office.

Bobby Jindal’s First Post to Instagram: His Wife Shooting a Gun

Smell the pander
7/26/13 6:00:54 pm
re: #204 CuriousLurker Seriously. Just finished watching Season 2 and waiting for Season 3 to hit Netflix later in August. Really good show. Kind of interesting to see relatively accurate references to South Jersey and Philly sprinkled about. What's weird ...

Gov. Bobby Jindal and Creationism

New Orleans Magazine - June 2013
6/02/13 12:31:16 pm
re: #19 Mattand Jindal continues to test-market this "balancing act". He knows he has until 2016 to improve it. Depending on how "improving his act" goes, I expect him to go for the GOP presidential nomination, or the vice-presidential one. ...