The Craziest Scalia Conspiracy Theory Yet: Obama Killed Scalia as a Pagan Human Sacrifice

To mark the festival of Lupercalia
224Jay C
2/17/16 3:16:20 pm
re: #181 wrenchwench Seventeen thousand pounds of the happy-hemp and they needed a DOG to smell it?

I think we now have a winner in the “Craziest Scalia Conspiracy Theory” sweepstakes, as End Times loon Rick Wiles explains that Obama killed Scalia as a human sacrifice to mark the pagan festival of Lupercalia. Who knew? It’s tempting to just laugh at this kind of raving insanity, …

Former Breitbart Blogger Goes Birther, Tells Orly Taitz Breitbart Is Covering Up the Truth

Gotta love it when wingnuts squabble
265Smith25's Liberal Thighs
5/21/14 7:42:06 am
re: #133 Backwoods_Sleuth Just realized... This is the same Judge that ruled against the teaching of Intelligent Design in Public School Classrooms in Dover PA Link

Breitbart’s Obamacare Expert: the GOPer Who Thinks Evolution and Embryology Are “Lies From the Pit of Hell”

Right wing journalism collides with right wing science, hilarity ensues
11/28/13 7:11:36 pm
re: #9 GeneJockey re: #9 GeneJockey I beg to differ, all MDs start out as scientists but I'm being stunned at the number of MDs who seem to have taken to forgetting or denying science. Knowing a number of colleagues ...

The Incredibly Strange Far Right Truckers Who Plan to Block Traffic, Impeach Obama and Arrest Congressmen

The Fox News audience takes to the highway
10/08/13 6:57:10 pm
re: #11 Vicious Babushka MORON. TOTAL FUCKING MORON. If they were working, there wouldn't be a need for back pay. *sigh*

Let’s Call Ted Cruz’s Fake Filibuster What It Was: Theater for Morons

Sheer idiocy
9/25/13 3:04:41 pm
My guess? He's angling for the vice-presidency slot in the next election. He knows that by doing this, he sews up the GOP's dingbat base. The nomination goes to a centrist (?) like Christie, and Cruz slips in to make ...

Feel Good Video of the Day: Cambridge Resident Unloads on Alex Jones Clown

“You’re an asshole and so is Alex Jones”
4/29/13 8:43:58 pm
He could have made his point without f*cking this and a**hole that. Obviously "the FBI" blowing up the Boston Marathon is crazy, but I had to stop watching because the guy doing the talking was nauseating himself.

Glenn Beck’s Getting Crazier: The “System X” Conspiracy Theory

The latest dastardly progressive plot only Glenn knows about
3/28/13 7:30:41 pm
re: #58 Carlos Machina I guess you didn't get the RW memo. Common Core is of the debbil, because it's the Big Bad Fed'rul Gummint telling us how and what to teach our kids. Communism! Socialism! 11ty!! If the Dept ...

National Review Writer: Newtown Caused by Not Enough Manly Men

12/20/12 4:53:21 am
Why do you suppose a page on shame/guilt cultures would cite that paper- and others- if they did not support the idea? Oh yes- and where are those articles discrediting the shame/culture ideas- the ones you claim discredit the whole ...

Rick Santorum: “Smart People Will Never Be on Our Side”

An instant wingnut classic
9/16/12 10:39:35 am
re: #43 Targetpractice It's hardly a new phenomenon. Plenty of smart people understand how to manipulate the rubes by pretending to be "one of them." There has to be a certain degree of sincerity, though, or it's a hard sell. ...