Mitt Romney Busted for Lying by Chrysler

Mitt’s mendacious fantasies
10/29/12 7:04:39 pm
re: #53 b_sharp The lyrics are poking fun at the nouveau riche of S Korea. One of the tonier neighborhoods of Seoul is called Gangnam. The Christian Science Monitor had an article about it, as have other American media.

The Astounding Cynicism of Mitt Romney: Who Cares What Fact Checkers Say?

The art of the Big Lie
8/28/12 1:50:52 pm
They know that the vast majority of Americans literally do not know the difference between a fact and an opinion. Prove a wingnut wrong on something, show them that it is objectively not true, and what you’ll get back is ...

Rick Perry Would Have Persecuted Galileo

Anti-science candidate compares himself to father of modern science
192Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
9/10/11 2:42:44 am
re: #190 groovimus You're just ignoring what I write, aren't you? You didn't bother to follow the skeptical science links or anything? You want to selectively quote from the report-- changing climate models is nothing new, since no one thinks ...