MIT economist Jonathan Gruber has caused a giant fake outrage

Conservatives Are SHOCKED at GRUBER!

486Pip's Squeak
11/14/14 9:25:39 pm
re: #276 Kragar same, mid sixties Southern California.

Today the entire conservative media machine woke up in a fake rage, screaming GRUBER! GRUBER I SAY! DIE OBAMACARE DIE! Many are pretending to be outraged that MIT economist Jonathan Gruber actually was paid for his work. Charles Krauthammer is pretending outrage at the fact that bills are often …

New Battery Design Could Be Breakthrough for Electric Cars

A ‘significant advance’ in battery architecture
6/08/11 5:20:31 am
This is the sort of thing that is going to change our whole economic and environmental equation. It will be technological advances of this type which eventually lead to a technological revolution and it will change our overall economic conditions ...