Jeb Bush Knows How to Deal With ISIS: Moar War

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11/15/15 3:11:57 pm
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Here we go again. Jeb Bush urges U.S. declaration of war against ISIL. This is pretty much the default Republican position for any foreign policy problem. Of course, such a war including combat forces in Syria would be likely to involve at least 150,000 US troops and cost trillions …

Remember the Last Time Bill Kristol Told Us “What to Do in Iraq?”

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6/17/14 12:18:20 am
Fuckers are totally impervious to reality. Was in an FB argument with one of my wingnut friends. Funny...I didn't know that the SOFA agreement in 2008 was an attempt by Obama to close Gitmo. Seriously...I should go look it up!!!11!! ...