Vox Misrepresents Obama’s 2008 Vaccination Stance

Vox spreads misinformation
393Romantic Heretic
2/02/15 4:26:45 pm
re: #368 Kragar Made the mistake of scanning that. Once again I ask myself, "What is it about so many professed conservative's faces that makes me want to punch them? Is there some genetic cause? Did they all have the ...

Today we find “explanatory journalism” site Vox digging up a quote by Barack Obama from 2008 and using it to argue that Obama Supports Vaccines Now — but Pandered to Anti-Vaxxers in 2008. This is the exact right moment to note: the science that disproves a link between autism and …

Chuck Todd Finds a Way to Blame Democrats for Republican Impeachment Insanity

WTF, Chuck
7/31/14 5:09:39 pm
After having watched Chuck Todd's constant shirking of his journalistic responsibility to be unbiased, at this point all I have to say is that he can take a fast run off the nearest cliff, because, imo, the guy's useless, utterly ...

The NYT’s ‘Softball Profile’ of Pamela Geller

254Steve Dutch
10/13/10 6:46:02 am
Equality is not balance unless the two things being discussed are actually equal. A balanced treatment of creationism would spend 95% of its time exposing creationist fraud and incompetence. A balanced treatment of Pamela Geller would spend the vast majority ...