National Review Writer Upset Because Donald Trump Isn’t Saying the Magic Words

Magical thinking
9/11/15 11:28:01 am
re: #27 bratwurst Is TNR really calling for an end to all political activism in the form of music? Wow. They can go fuck right off. They also seem to have a problem with intellectual property rights with this one ...
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National Review’s Jim Geraghty is disturbed and upset because Donald Trump isn’t intoning the correct magic right wing words in his speeches: Donald Trump’s Message Doesn’t Include ‘Liberty’ or ‘Freedom’. At least Trump said “free market,” though. That ought to be good for a few magic political credits. But just …

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): God Sent Hurricane Irene to Tell Us to Cut Spending

Good grief
8/29/11 9:44:41 pm
re: #376 Naso Tang Well, the "adherents" part is my term. But they do not scare me, because I scare them; their entire lifestyle revolves around devising various ways of suppressing folks like me. And I'm a person who would ...
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Rick Santorum Announces - Craziest GOP Candidate Yet?

A radical anti-abortion, anti-evolution, anti-science theocrat - perfect for the GOP
52Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light)
6/06/11 12:28:13 pm
re: #50 okonkolo I woulda had no trouble with it if it had been private, personal thing, but he was bent on using it as an example of his political views - maintaining that a 20-week-old fetus is a "baby", ...
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GOP Takes Up Residence on Fantasy Island

Magical thinking trumps rationality every time
286Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light)
5/22/11 10:42:57 pm
re: #285 dragonfire1981 This is why we have a separation of church and state. Divine Law is believed by many to be perfect and immutable. Human law is imperffect and constantly changing to fit the situation. It is a fine ...
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