Hilarious Video: Donald and Ivanka Trump Stress Out Over the Teleprompters at the RNC

“Is this the podium?”
7/25/16 11:52:47 am
re: #604 451_Montag I can't watch right now. Is he being the fire-breathing shouty Bernie they all came to love--THAT Bernie could tell them to cut the crap...
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So good. After years of attacking President Obama and implying he’s not very smart for using a teleprompter, here’s Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka stressing out over their teleprompters and nit-picking tiny details about the fonts. At one point Trump gets upset because his tech adviser uses the …

Video: President Obama Destroys the Absurd Conservative Talking Point About “Radical Islam”

Beautifully done
6/14/16 2:19:01 pm
re: #120 blueraven And millions of actual voters said we're ok with the Democratic party. Doesn't mean we wouldn't like to see changes but fundamental transformation...into what? Where rhetoric is all that is done, because that's all Bernie offers.
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National Review Writer Upset Because Donald Trump Isn’t Saying the Magic Words

Magical thinking
9/11/15 11:28:01 am
re: #27 bratwurst Is TNR really calling for an end to all political activism in the form of music? Wow. They can go fuck right off. They also seem to have a problem with intellectual property rights with this one ...
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Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): God Sent Hurricane Irene to Tell Us to Cut Spending

Good grief
8/29/11 9:44:41 pm
re: #376 Naso Tang Well, the "adherents" part is my term. But they do not scare me, because I scare them; their entire lifestyle revolves around devising various ways of suppressing folks like me. And I'm a person who would ...
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Rick Santorum Announces - Craziest GOP Candidate Yet?

A radical anti-abortion, anti-evolution, anti-science theocrat - perfect for the GOP
52Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
6/06/11 12:28:13 pm
re: #50 okonkolo I woulda had no trouble with it if it had been private, personal thing, but he was bent on using it as an example of his political views - maintaining that a 20-week-old fetus is a "baby", ...
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GOP Takes Up Residence on Fantasy Island

Magical thinking trumps rationality every time
286Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
5/22/11 10:42:57 pm
re: #285 dragonfire1981 This is why we have a separation of church and state. Divine Law is believed by many to be perfect and immutable. Human law is imperffect and constantly changing to fit the situation. It is a fine ...
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