Maine’s Governor LePage: Black Drug Dealers Are “Impregnating” Our White Women

Feeding the right wing beast
1/08/16 2:01:49 pm
Maine Governor #LePage just saw this picture. He's furious at all the mixing going on. #alllabsmatter — Michael W. Twitty (@KosherSoul) January 8, 2016
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Yes, the Republican Governor of Maine is now rebelling against political correctness. (Cough.) What can anyone even say any more? This is where the Republican Party stands in 2016, with a huge racism problem they keep denying even as their leading politicians feed the beast.

Maine Judge Lifts Mandatory Quarantine on Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox

Somebody’s confused
10/31/14 8:55:19 pm
Active monitoring =/= quarantine. If you go to the CDC website, you can search for "Interim guidance on monitoring and movement for persons with potential Ebola exposure." Table 1 explains exactly what the risk categories are and what level of ...
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