After Shootout, Police Arrest Ahmad Khan Rahami for NY/NJ Bombs

Passed out in the doorway of a bar
9/19/16 5:17:25 pm
re: #16 Scottishdragon That's because they think they are the only Americans.

A naturalized US citizen of Afghan descent, Ahmad Khan Rahami, has been arrested in New Jersey after a shootout with police. He was identified on surveillance video placing the bombs in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, and his fingerprints were found on the pressure cooker bomb that did not …

Terrorism Suspect Arrested in Manhattan

Learned how to make bombs from Anwar al-Awlaki’s magazine
11/21/11 6:34:28 am
re: #52 CuriousLurker Yeah, I got that. If there's a good probability of a threat based on credible info, then surveillance of a community is not out of question, which is a part of the bait-and-switch here. The "switch" being ...

Cliff May on CNN: I’m No Bigot, But the Mosque Belongs in the Basement

9/09/10 5:56:39 pm
Tomatoes are highly intelligent. They know who wants them and who doesn't, and in an act of self-preservation they grow only where not wanted. I mean, if you knew you were there just to be eaten, would you bother to ...

Fox News: Mosque Investor Tied to Hamas (Not)

9/04/10 1:37:08 am
re: #63 Hector1980 Not only have I been using Microsoft products for years, I own 100 shares of their stock, plus 100 of GE. Who knows how many others of my stock investments are with Sekrit Mooslim Communist Marxian Joo ...

Signs Banned at Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s Hate Rally

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9/03/10 5:41:32 pm
re: #651 Jon a brit in Euroland If you can keep avoiding any discussion of Gellers obvious bigotry, hysteria, and stupidity, while ignoring the repeated factual eviscerations of her posts and statements on this website (and elsewhere) and focus instead ...