Marco Rubio: Close Down All the Places

Strict constitutionalists call for throwing out the constitution
1 week ago
re: #266 Alephnaught Saw The Prodigy in Tokyo 3 months ago and boy Maxim, Flint, and Liam Howlett still bring it out proper.
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Marco Rubio has been (sort of) trying to position himself as relatively sane compared to the Trumps and Carsons in this presidential race — a position he does not deserve. For example, Rubio is a fanatical anti-choice extremist who would completely ban all abortions, even if the life of …

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The Amazing, Relentless Dishonesty of the Republican Party

Lying to our faces
4 weeks, 1 day ago
How's this for scary: They may actually believe what they're saying! Carson's comments about evolution reminded me of a way of thinking George Eliot recognized from her evangelical youth: Whatever tends in the believer's view to the glory of God ...
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Marco Rubio on Fox: Obama Not ‘Truly Committed’ to the 2nd Amendment

Pumping out bigoted insinuations to the Fox News mob
1/17/13 7:38:48 pm
re: #8 kirkspencer Simple. An assault rifle is a Mac Bolan rifle. Imagine you're Mac Bolan and you're going to kill every mafia boss, capo, and consigliere in a hotel. What do you come armed with? An AR-15 definitely comes ...
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Marco Rubio Tries to Walk Back His Creationist Admission

Negative publicity prompts disingenuous ‘clarification’
12/09/12 5:54:55 pm
re: #92 Obdicut Taxation and spending are essential, linked parts of the budget. Whether they disagree with my political orientation or purport to support it, I don't regard as serious those positions which exclude one or the other.
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Glenn Beck Decides: The Earth Is 7,000 Years Old

Wrestling with a controversial issue
238Achilles Tang
11/22/12 5:48:23 am
re: #237 Obdicut Listen to yourself, and a few others. I became annoyed at the rudeness, not to mention your four letter spews, because I dare challenge the usage of a word. This seems familiar for some reason. My understanding ...
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