Marco Rubio Now Says He’s Against Abortion Without Exceptions for Rape or Life of the Mother

439Bass Reeves
8/11/15 4:23:15 am
re: #351 Lidane Can anybody show me the version of the Bible where God is against unreasonable search and seizure, or allowing soldiers to quarter in your house? What about trial by jury?
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It’s a mark of how extreme the conservative movement has become that Republican candidates for President are now saying they’re against abortion in all cases without exception, even for rape or when the mother’s life is in danger. The latest one to come out and say this is Marco …

Marco Rubio on Fox: Obama Not ‘Truly Committed’ to the 2nd Amendment

Pumping out bigoted insinuations to the Fox News mob
1/17/13 7:38:48 pm
re: #8 kirkspencer Simple. An assault rifle is a Mac Bolan rifle. Imagine you're Mac Bolan and you're going to kill every mafia boss, capo, and consigliere in a hotel. What do you come armed with? An AR-15 definitely comes ...
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Marco Rubio Tries to Walk Back His Creationist Admission

Negative publicity prompts disingenuous ‘clarification’
12/09/12 5:54:55 pm
re: #92 Obdicut Taxation and spending are essential, linked parts of the budget. Whether they disagree with my political orientation or purport to support it, I don't regard as serious those positions which exclude one or the other.
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Glenn Beck Decides: The Earth Is 7,000 Years Old

Wrestling with a controversial issue
238Achilles Tang
11/22/12 5:48:23 am
re: #237 Obdicut Listen to yourself, and a few others. I became annoyed at the rudeness, not to mention your four letter spews, because I dare challenge the usage of a word. This seems familiar for some reason. My understanding ...
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