Rubio Wants Credit for “Warning” Us About Trump, but Still Supports Him

Republican bravery
6/06/16 11:00:26 pm
re: #123 CBGB My wingnut sister once invited me to a Tea Party gathering the same week my 6-year-old niece invited me and my teddy bear to a Tea Party, and my book club had an Alice-themed Tea Party. Oddly, ...

Marco Rubio is telling Republicans about Donald Trump, “I warned you.” Of course, this doesn’t mean Rubio isn’t going to support Trump for president or anything drastic like that. He wants credit for “warning” us about Trump, but meanwhile he’s completely OK with putting this noxious egomaniacal know-nothing bigot …

Say Goodbye to Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie

Bye now
299A Cranky One
2/10/16 7:06:57 pm
re: #221 CuriousLurker I've known many amazing people whose faith was the basis for their lives and actions. People whose contributions deserve respect and admiration. For example, a friend of my father was a nun who, upon discovering the huge ...

Marco Rubio Wants People on the No-Fly List to Be Able to Buy Guns, But the NSA Should Be Allowed to Spy At Will

Gun crazy
12/07/15 7:50:49 am
Everybody knows the 2nd Amendment was passed down from God himself, and the 4th is just meant to be applied as Jeezus Fearing Christian Men see fit. What are you ... Some kind of Muslim loving America hating Liberal?
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The Amazing, Relentless Dishonesty of the Republican Party

Lying to our faces
10/29/15 9:46:03 pm
How's this for scary: They may actually believe what they're saying! Carson's comments about evolution reminded me of a way of thinking George Eliot recognized from her evangelical youth: Whatever tends in the believer's view to the glory of God ...

Marco Rubio Now Says He’s Against Abortion Without Exceptions for Rape or Life of the Mother

439Bass Reeves
8/11/15 4:23:15 am
re: #351 Lidane Can anybody show me the version of the Bible where God is against unreasonable search and seizure, or allowing soldiers to quarter in your house? What about trial by jury?