White House Security Chaos Watch: Third Official Resigns

141Barefoot Grin
2/14/18 12:45:23 pm
re: #11 Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis I'm sure someone else has responded but I've heard that Native American communities are understandably very under-represented in those company databases.

Donald Trump is so bad at being president, and this simple fact means that the people he’s been hiring are also really bad at working in the government. Of course, none of this would be happening if Rob Porter hadn’t gotten in trouble for (allegedly) beating his wife, and the …

Headline of the Day: Tom Tancredo to Smoke Pot

“Illegal immigration? Oh, that’s cool, man, no worries.”
141Ian G.
1/25/13 6:56:23 am
re: #122 Vicious Babushka What is it with Chicago now being the wingut borg's go-to hellhole? Just because Obama is from there? I mean, you could easily pick other cities that are in far worse shape (Detroit?) and run by ...