Steve Scalise Voted Against MLK Day, but Today He’s Praising MLK

Standard GOP hypocrisy
127William Lewis
1/19/15 6:38:03 pm
re: #123 Dark_Falcon And combine that with an often anti-soviet bias in much of the Western materials created prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. It's only recently that historically more accurate and balanced works (Glanz, Beevor etc) have ...

Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, in the news recently for his associations with white supremacists like David Duke, has a very nice message at his website commemorating MLK Day: Scalise Statement on Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day | Congressman Steve Scalise. A lovely sentiment, no? Reading this, you’d …

On MLK Day,’s John Nolte Links to Anti-MLK White Supremacist Site

Stormfront, brought to you by
1/22/13 5:58:25 pm
re: #246 Kragar In response to Bryan Fischer, yeah some chooses are worse than other, like choosing to support people like you and your agenda.

Gun Nut Statement of the Day: If Slaves Had Guns They Wouldn’t Have Been Slaves

These people are not right in the head
78Skip Intro
1/12/13 6:49:48 pm
re: #14 Stanghazi Talk about gun lunatics. Shot by her husband, who then shot himself. So who does the family want donations to go to? The family requests donations be sent in Hain’s memory to the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association. ...

Ron Paul Said ‘MLK is My Hero’ - But His Newsletters Tell a Very Different Story

Martin Luther King “a world-class adulterer” who “seduced underage girls and boys”
1/10/12 2:15:41 pm
re: #71 Obdicut Dude, you totally miss the point. The claim I made wasn't scientific, it was an exaggeration. His nickname is "Dr. No" for a reason. Subtlety is obviously not your strong suit. Tell you what... from now on ...

Suspect Arrested in Attempted MLK Parade Bombing is a Neo-Nazi

Kevin William Harpham was a member of the National Alliance
3/10/11 8:53:06 am
I may not be the first commenter to point this out, but remember that "controversial" DHS report that came out about the potential rise of right wing extremists in the wake of Obama's election? The one that listed "disgruntled military ...

Investigator on MLK Parade Bomb: ‘The Worst Device I’ve Ever Seen’

1/20/11 7:15:31 am
re: #158 JRCMYP In short, it's a tripwire or remote detonated directional fragmentation mine, designed to throw an arc of shrapnel in a certain direction. I don't know the actual development history, but it gained fame for its use in ...

Nontroversy of the Weekend: A Quote on a Rug

9/06/10 2:28:35 pm
#113 big papa Start with wikipedia This is a summary of the plagiarism by one of the researchers. "his paper on "The Chief Characteristics and Doctrines of Mahayana Buddhism," however, is composed almost exclusively of paragraphs lifted from ...

For Tim Blair, A Sincere Apology

8/31/10 4:36:11 am
re: #528 ClaudeMonet You're wrong. Every time a 59-41 or similar cloture vote takes place, and the minority of voters "win" that's a filibuster by default. Do you know how "Gentleman's rules" work? Take a look....

Glenn Beck in January: If the Truth Got Out About MLK, He Wouldn’t Be Celebrated

8/29/10 12:35:44 pm
re: #280 sagehen OK, I went and dug up the actual results of that test, tables showing all test scores, ranked from highest to lowest, and the race of each. Your assertion amounts to this: you claim that there is ...