Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz: “Evolution is a Communist lie”

Also, gay rights endanger children
11/05/13 10:58:34 am
re: #123 ObserverArt I've been a Browns fan for more than 40 years, and I've suffered through some horrid quarterbacking (Mike Phipps, Paul McDonald, Tim Couch), as well as some great QBing (Bernie Kosar). In all that time, I think ...

Pastor Rafael Cruz dips more than just his foot into the wingnut wading pool: More: Rafael Cruz: Evolution Is a Communist Lie, Gay Rights Endanger Children

Was Richard M. Nixon a Closet Marxist: Forward Together

46th Inaugural Theme, ‘Forward Together’ and its Marxist-Socialist-Communist origins reveal
5/04/12 2:21:19 am
re: #301 Unlike Some People Oh spare me. I don't care for your excuses for "You are being very intellectual dishonest if", "you are being disingenious" not being name-calling, which it is in my book, since it needlessly impugns my ...

Obama Ridicules ‘Socialist’ Charge, But He Admitted Seeking Out Marxist Professors and Socialist Conferences

10/30/08 12:23:09 pm
Wake up Alert Obama I share my toys or sandwiches with someone else voluntarily, that is Judeo Christian love and charity; I take someone else's toys and sandwiches, keep seventy percent for myself and give the rest to my favored ...