New From Keith Olbermann: How Would Trump Deport 11 Million People? Think About It.

330Romantic Heretic
10/12/16 3:38:50 pm
re: #313 Scottishdragon I'm afraid I must agree with you. If I lived in the States, especially a rural area, I'd be fortifying my domicile. I'm a Canadian leftist which to a wingnut is indistinguishable from a Commie!

Hispanic Trump Surrogates Bailing Out After “Mass Deportation” Speech in Phoenix

Fed up
9/01/16 7:42:48 pm
re: #211 scottslemmons No it's never enough, even when we know it's time to say goodbye. We have a house full of cats and I still pine for the ones who have left us. That sappy Rainbow Bridge piece makes ...