White Supremacist Dylann Roof Guilty of All Charges in 2015 Charleston Church Massacre

Racist mass murderer convicted of all charges
12/15/16 5:58:09 pm
re: #8 wrenchwench I'm from South Carolina. Sadly, that IS a decent haircut here.

Dylann Storm Roof, who confessed that he was radicalized into white supremacism by articles he read on the Internet, has been found guilty of all federal charges in the horrific 2015 massacre at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Journalist Alan Blinder posted the complete …

Credit: DonkeyHotey

Trump Team “Frustrated” That He Didn’t Benefit Politically From the Orlando Attack

Crass is an understatement
50W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
6/21/16 3:09:41 am
And now we hear someone was attempting an assault on Donald's life. Wrong in so many ways. First of all, even though you might loath him into infinity, he does not warrant a bullet. He has the constitutional right to ...

Gateway Pundit Says Lafayette Shooter Was “Obama Supporter” (Because He Wanted Obama to Wreck the US)

The dumbest right wing post on Lafayette, as usual, comes from Gateway Pundit
229Feline Fearless Leader
7/25/15 7:18:07 pm
re: #155 Varek Raith What are the open carry rules for those where you live as compared to a gun?

Dylann Storm Roof’s Website Discovered, With White Supremacist Manifesto and Photos

A neo-Confederate white supremacist inspired by the Council of Conservative Citizens
6/20/15 7:52:35 pm
re: #456 Dark_Falcon Yeah and I'm sure he's ashamed of all the speaking fees he gets at conservative organizations which made his work sacrosanct in their respective socio-political and socio-economic dogma.

Rick Perry: Charleston Shootings “An Accident” Due to Drug Use - and Obama’s Using It to Ban Guns

What the hell is wrong with the right?
249Jebediah, RBG
6/19/15 10:01:02 pm
re: #237 Belafon Nope, not the only one, except I usually have multiple tabs for each, since it sometimes takes me about forever to get through threads. And I'm always confused by time.

Dylann Roof’s Roommate Says He Was “Planning Something Like That for Six Months”

“He was big into segregation and other stuff”
607Eventual Carrion
6/19/15 10:02:52 am
re: #509 Feline Fearless Leader "There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch. "
A photo of Dylann Storm Roof wearing a jacket with the flags of apartheid-era South Africa, and white-ruled Rhodesia

White Supremacist Suspect in Charleston Church Massacre Captured

A racist terrorist
6/18/15 5:01:55 pm
re: #373 makeitstop Chuck's lawyer is every bit as sloppy as Chuck himself. (BTW, Charles - if you'd rather not have us comment on this, just say so.) Not only that, but also this little gem:

Five Children and One Adult Dead in Yet Another Mass Shooting in Texas, Mainstream Media Ignore It

7/10/14 11:52:22 am
re: #497 Killgore Trout You opened this can of worms with your #397. In case it slipped your mind: Then in your #437 you addressed lawhawk who was specifically referencing an interchange he & I had, at which point you ...

The Always Disgusting Jim Hoft: Elliot Rodger Was “Another Far Left Mass Murderer”

Dumbest man on the Internet is also one of the most hateful
5/26/14 11:19:45 pm
re: #49 Eclectic Cyborg I remember how I found out about that one: my mother practically ran into my room & exclaimed, "See? You'd better cut out all that feminist stuff - men don't like it!" She was almost smug ...

KS Shooting Suspect Frazier Glenn Miller’s 2010 Interview: He’s a Fan of Ron Paul

“It’s the Jews, stupid”
103Hercules Grytpype-Thynneghazi
4/14/14 1:34:24 pm
re: #73 HappyWarrior It's much older than Limbaugh though. I remember seeing in in Republican Party publications from the Nixon era.