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Definitive proof
145Jay C
11/26/12 5:31:47 pm
re: #27 Gus Wingnuts are basically a dog chasing its tail. More like, a dog that's been chasing its tail, caught it, and only gets more frantic, and runs in circles faster because its tail is in so much pain.... ...

Video: Fareed Zakaria Corrects Glenn Beck’s Math

12/12/10 8:05:45 pm
#1)Beck is an idiot (Just wanted to get that out of the way) #2)An average of about 10% of Muslims worldwide have a favorable view Al Qaeda (according to Pew Research) Which is about 150 million Source: If you ...

White House Announces New Science Education Initiatives

11/24/09 11:01:26 am
It looks like the emphasis will be on creating more scientists and engineers. However, since the end of the Cold War the demand for these disciplines has dropped precipitously, and the U.S. "advantage" of seignorage - being able to issue ...