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Irony Alert! White Supremacist Sues Trump for Inciting Violence

Even neo-Nazis are now suing the orange oligarch
4/18/17 12:10:34 pm
Ah, the "I was just following orders" defense! We see how well that worked before.

This is just a classic for the Trump era. Neo-Nazi dirtbag Matthew Heimbach is now joining the other Trump supporter accused of assaulting a group of protesters at Trump’s Louisville rally last year, and filing a suit against our so-called president claiming Trump incited the violence and is liable for …

Judge Rules That Lawsuit Against Trump for Inciting Violence in Louisville Can Proceed

Rejects Trump’s “free speech” defense
4/02/17 9:49:51 pm
re: #332 Backwoods_Sleuth This will burn the little rager: ...senior veterans of the campaign and Trump presidential transition, as well as current White House officials, laugh off Johnson's claims of direct collaboration as, for starters, "ridiculous," "nonsense," and as "living ...