Romney Decides It’s More Politically Expedient Not to Ban the Press

Making flippy floppy
7/29/12 7:18:50 pm
re: #87 Ojoe By "Herbert Hoover" I believe you mean "FDR" since after all Obama inherted a huge recession while helping the economy improve under his watch, but not able to fix things fast enough all the same. In what ...

Why Do the Media Ignore the GOP’s Problems with Science?

Giving the Republican candidates a pass on vitally important issues
413Mad Prophet Ludwig
10/20/11 3:23:49 pm
re: #409 publicityStunted Well said. Because stupid little right wing trolls are nasty, brainwashed, closed mined followers who are so arrogant they think they understand even basic science enough to rudely lecture, when in reality, they show less comprehension of ...

Sarah Palin Advises Christine O’Donnell to ‘Speak Through Fox News’

9/20/10 8:20:03 am
Because the best way to show that you're going to represent everyone in your state is to only speak on right wing media outlets! Great advice Sarah. Seriously Palin seems to want these senate candidates not to represent their states ...

AP Tells Staff to Stop Using ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

125Charles Johnson
8/20/10 10:29:03 am
re: #123 AJStrata This is absolutely NOT true. At this point, there are two possible reasons for being opposed to the community center. 1) Bigotry. 2) Ignorance. And if anyone is still ignorant of the facts, it's because they can't ...