A Holocaust Denier at the Washington Post/Newsweek Site

5/01/08 6:42:23 am
re: #301 jackflash Guys like Fadlallah aren't just being "silly", Jack, and they're not just trying to minimize the Holocaust. They're trying to demonize Israel, saying it has no right to exist, and they're trying to get the world to ...

Emerson: ABC Shills for Radical Islam

3/01/08 12:33:13 am
Dozens of my posts there exposing Mohammed and his Allah have been deleted. It's hard to imagine a non-Muslim so thoroughly brainwashed that they'd remove even Islamic scripture, but perhaps that's what it's come down to. It seems more likely ...

Washington Post Continues the Parade of Whitewash

7/30/07 7:08:51 am
Last week the Chicago Tribune published an article titled "Affluent, Patriotic and Vulnerable" Guess who it was about. Thats right all of the misunderstood patriotic Muslims among us. The article defended the patriotic Muslims not condemning terrorism because you know ...