Breitbart’s “War” on Kellogg’s Is Backfiring as More Advertisers Flee

Far right “journalism” at its finest
190Blind Frog Belly White
12/02/16 3:37:49 pm
re: #189 gocart mozart Yeah. That'll fucking work.

The far right clowns who run Breitbart “News” may have sabotaged themselves by calling for a boycott and “war” on the Kellogg Company for pulling advertising from the hate site. Apparently it didn’t occur to them that attacking a major advertiser might not improve their reputation with other advertisers, …

The Arc of a Bogus Right Wing Outrage

The right wing blogs and media have devolved into pathetic shills, unconcerned about integrity
593Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
9/11/11 8:47:28 am
re: #589 000G No, this is very wrong. Hitler wasn't right-wing because comparing politics in a totalitarian fascist regime and politics in a democracy is ridiculous. They're not on the same scale. You can't describe them with the same vocabulary. ...

Comparing James Hoffa’s Rhetoric with the Tea Party’s Open Threats

Won’t back down
9/08/11 12:06:58 pm
re: #105 jamesfirecat You don't watch FOX, so how would you know? In fact, it was only an hour later that they made the change. However, do you really think that adding the word VOTE changes the entire meaning of ...

Poll: Should Reuters/AP Let Readers Know When Photos Come from Questionable Sources?

603Charles Johnson
6/12/10 2:41:55 pm
re: #602 Romantic Heretic Oh, bullshit. Click the link. The "journalist" who took these pictures is a hardcore Islamist advocate who promotes jihad causes all over the world. He talks openly about his support for Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the ...