Trump Says Obamacare Has “Wreaked Havoc for 17 Years” … but CBS News Reports He Said “7 Years”

289Anymouse 🌹
7/24/17 5:24:06 pm
re: #280 TedStriker I'm glad the Boy Scouts threw me out when I was a teen for being an atheist after seeing this disgusting display. An organisation built on bigotry can only maintain itself through hatred. Whereas the Girl Scouts ...

Well, here’s something infuriating, and I’m not just talking about Trump’s usual moronic ranting this time. The Narcissist in Chief was clearly reading a speech that someone else wrote for him, and was too slow-witted to catch himself before blurting: And the infuriating part? Along comes CBS News to “report” …

Buzzfeed: Al Jazeera Offered Julian Assange $1.3M for Diplomatic Cables

Corruption among the anarchists
2/24/14 1:01:53 pm
re: #108 Feline Fearless Leader "Dumping the A-10 is also pressure for adopting the F-35 since you need the strike aircraft." Not that the Air Force will want to risk their hugely expensive, maybe-not-so-reliable hangar queens on close air support, ...

Guardian’s Story Changes Again: Now They Admit David Miranda Did Have a Lawyer

Editing reality to fit the narrative
8/22/13 7:55:08 pm
re: #467 Killgore Trout I just have a hard time squaring that with an American President whose attitude towards torture was "Just change the name and knock yourselves out, guys." You'd think that fear of being prosecuted for torturing other ...