Trump on MTP: “I Don’t Accept Responsibility,” May Pay Legal Fees for Violent Follower

Delusional egomania
3/13/16 1:20:29 pm
re: #27 Sophist, Vogon Poet Laureate 'Yeah, I went and protested a candidate's rally the other day. You've probably never heard of him...'

Here’s the complete interview Donald Trump did this morning on Meet the Press, and it’s truly awful. This guy is completely beyond reason at this point, saying he’s looking into paying legal fees for his followers when they attack protesters, insisting the man who rushed his stage yesterday is …

Chuck Todd Invites Racist Paleocon Caveman Pat Buchanan to “Meet the Press”

7/27/15 1:48:11 pm
Buchanan is something of a gateway drug to the far right. An acquaintance of mine from the music business took a shine to Pat when he became interested in politics following recovery from addiction. Steve Sailer, AmRen and more of ...

Chuck Todd Has a New ‘Meet the Press’ Panelist: Breitbart “News” Crackpot John Nolte

This is your media on bad drugs
12/22/14 11:14:42 am
re: #437 The Vicious Babushka That's a bit of creative reinterpretation on Weissman's part. The Mishna in bSanh. 37a applies only to Jewish lives: Granted, there is a more universalistic formula in Yerushalmi, but he quotes from Bavli...

Video: President Obama’s Full Interview With Chuck Todd

“You’ve not said the word ‘Syria’ so far”
304klys (maker of Silmarils)
9/07/14 8:07:34 pm
re: #303 b_sharp I would argue that what turned that e-mail racist is the part where he was completely willing to cater to racists in order to increase his profits. It was not an academic discussion of habits, it was ...

Glenn Greenwald: Being Called a Traitor Is a “Badge of Honor”

A testament to the wonderfulness of the Mighty Greenwald
5/19/14 5:38:51 am
re: #114 Skip Intro their only experience with a real totalitarian state is the one in their minds they wish to inflict "re-establish back to the Original (Christian) Constitution".

Glenn Greenwald Freaks Out After Meet the Press Interview - Also, Some Facts About Ecuador

Ecuador, haven of “whistlebowers” and enemy of a free press
6/23/13 8:20:32 pm
re: #313 uncah91 Actually, I believe the case you're talking about involved Amnesty International, specifically Clapper v. Amnesty International, not the ACLU. But your point is still valid -- the ACLU may now be able to surmount the standing hurdle ...

Colin Powell: The GOP Has a ‘Dark Vein of Intolerance’

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1/13/13 11:14:35 pm
re: #121 Gus Whenever I see the words "Messianic Jew" or "Messianic Rabbi," my mind almost gets a BSOD. A Jew who worships Jesus as Messiah is to me not a Jew, but that's my Long Island background speaking, I ...