WaPo: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Threatened to Resign

Even the most dedicated rats are thinking of jumping ship
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6/07/17 2:11:24 am
re: #143 The Ghost of Senator Incitatus Piers Morgan: "Millwall fans have a bad reputation, much of it deserved, but...." I've become an Arsenal fan simply because my son watches them and is a fan, but Piers being a fan ...

Here’s a terse announcement at the Washington Post about a potentially seismic upheaval in the Trump administration: even Trump’s far right Attorney General is reportedly getting fed up with the bullshit. And it takes a lot to get a right wing functionary like Jeff Sessions fed up with bullshit. UPDATE …

The original illustration for Breitbart's vicious attack on Shapiro and Fields
Resigning staffers blame Ben Carson's business manager, Armstrong Williams, for problems in the campaign

Ben Carson Campaign in Chaos as Top Advisers Quit, Blaming Armstrong Williams

1/02/16 5:23:22 am
re: #83 Lidane The response should be "and then breast-feeding women should be able to shoot and kill you for assaulting them and their baby." Funny how that 2nd Amenment concealed/open carry thing seems to work only 1 way in ...

Donald Trump Compares Ben Carson to a “Child Molester,” Calls Iowa Voters “Stupid”

The crazy is getting even worse
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re: #123 HappyWarrior Interesting. My great-grandfather was an Irish national. But I'm pretty sure he wasn't the right sort of Irishman at the time.