The Breitbart President Is Raging at Delusional Fantasies

We are in so much trouble
445Varek Raith
3/06/17 11:48:55 am
re: #442 Nyet Nah, some utility trucks and what sounds like big fans.

The Washington Post’s latest report on Trump’s mental health is not encouraging: Inside Trump’s fury: The president rages at leaks, setbacks and accusations.

Keith Olbermann Tones It Down and Makes a Frightening Amount of Sense

“He is not well”
1/05/17 11:57:21 pm
re: #120 Anymouse Consider Dreamwidth. The format is the same as LJ (but with longer posts); and they have a tool to move LJs (either post by post, or the entire journal) to WP really easily. With dates intact, and ...

Study: Abortion and Mental Problems Are Not Related

‘There is still some debate, but the majority of the literature is very clear’
1/27/11 4:47:09 pm
re: #179 WindUpBird He also wants me to itemize and build a shopping list for a PACS server. I didn't even know what the hell a PACS server was, but I know now. Heh. This is going to be an ...