Wednesday Night Acoustic: Michael Chapdelaine, “Come Together”

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97Romantic Heretic
6/11/15 8:51:39 am
re: #13 EPR-radar Oh yeah. That's a great one. That scene where Seras rips that Nazi zeppelin out of the sky with hand held twin 30mm cannon rocks. The bit just before that, Bernadotte's speech about the horrors of war ...

Saturday Acoustic: Michael Chapdelaine - the Harp of the Warrior (El Arpa Del Guerrero)

A classical piece on a steel string guitar
10/25/14 6:40:02 pm
re: #15 Justanotherhuman But a lone wolf right-wing anti-gubmt cop-killer -- like those Vegas people who'd just left the Bundy Ranch, or the Pennsylvania guy we're looking even as we speak -- they're just lone wolves. They hold singular, individual ...

Monday Night Acoustic Session: Michael Chapdelaine - Portrait De Femme

An epic finger style composition
2/11/14 5:53:43 pm
re: #485 Pie-onist Overlord Shirley Temple was a Republican before the party had completely devolved into religious bigotry, far right anti-government extremism, anti-abortion fanaticism, a bizarre fetish for guns, and an open hositility to gays, immigrants, et al.