Watch Live: Trump Rants in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Feat. Ted Nugent

610Pawn of the Oppressor
11/06/16 9:20:11 pm
re: #522 jaunte "And now for the awesome power of the Alan Parsons Project" /Dr. Evil half-remembered quote from the third (?) Austin Powers movie :D

As I write this, racist far right rock has-been Ted Nugent just boasted about the guns he carried on stage, before starting to play his dreadfully out of tune guitar, and sing in his dreadfully out of tune voice.

Michigan Primary Going Down to the Wire for Democrats

Michigan in the balance
3/09/16 1:00:49 am
re: #321 jaunte This is why I officially hate the Sanders and his campaign. He has promoted the narrative that Hillary Clinton is dishonest. Damage done to Hillary if she wins the nomination. Why would any "Sandbaggers" vote for Hillary ...

SMOTI Jim Hoft IDs Kalamazoo Shooter as “Progressive” - He Worked for Progressive Insurance

Amazingly dumb even for Jim
475Feline Fearless Leader
2/21/16 7:00:55 pm
re: #402 Stanley Sea I cooked a leg of lamb for Christmas. Wonderful stuff. But I am going back to getting smaller quantities and making stew since I don't eat it fast enough. Also helps that I found a decent ...

The Michigan-Arizona Primaries Open Thread

Romney and Santorum battle for the delegates
2/29/12 7:54:23 pm
re: #449 ausador Seeing as their State has been a drain on the US budget for as long as they've been a State, I seriously doubt they could make it on their own even with the oil revenue.

Frank Schaeffer on the Michigan ‘End Times’ Militia

4/04/10 10:01:48 am
Good article, except for this: Bush certainly pandered to the Religious Right on a number of issues, but I never got any sense that he personally and wholeheartedly embraced their philosophy and agenda. And what's Schaeffer's criteria for determining that ...