Michigan Primary Going Down to the Wire for Democrats

Michigan in the balance
3/09/16 1:00:49 am
re: #321 jaunte This is why I officially hate the Sanders and his campaign. He has promoted the narrative that Hillary Clinton is dishonest. Damage done to Hillary if she wins the nomination. Why would any "Sandbaggers" vote for Hillary ...
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The Michigan primary is going down to the wire, and here’s another thread to live-blog the results… UPDATE at 3/8/16 8:36:07 pm by Charles Johnson

SMOTI Jim Hoft IDs Kalamazoo Shooter as “Progressive” - He Worked for Progressive Insurance

Amazingly dumb even for Jim
475Feline Fearless Leader
2/21/16 7:00:55 pm
re: #402 Stanley Sea I cooked a leg of lamb for Christmas. Wonderful stuff. But I am going back to getting smaller quantities and making stew since I don't eat it fast enough. Also helps that I found a decent ...
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