Trump Calls Mika Brzezinski “Dumb as a Rock,” Admits He’s Fishing for Fake “Voter Fraud”

How Trump spends his Independence Day vacation
343Eventual Carrion
7/02/17 6:52:19 am
re: #246 Backwoods_Sleuth Mine was a TI-99A

Trump is reportedly “on vacation” this weekend, although I’m not sure how that differs from any other day for the lazy narcissistic yam. But he still found time to launch another storm of ranting, unhinged tweets full of insults and misogyny. He’s basically repeating his right wing hate themes over …

Just Another Vile Misogynistic Rant From Our So-Called President

This kind of disgusting behavior from Trump isn’t shocking. It’s who he is.
6/29/17 9:35:19 pm
re: #288 Backwoods_Sleuth Not sure if this one's posted yet (on my list) PRESIDENT TRUMP'S COMMISSION to investigate allegations of voter fraud is reaching out to state officials to gather information, but they won't be getting a lot of help ...