Donald Trump, “The Most Militaristic Person in the Room,” Avoided Military Service Himself

A dangerous hypocrite
293Eventual Carrion
7/13/15 6:25:47 am
re: #264 bratwurst And physician assisted end of life.
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In his nutball speeches yesterday in Las Vegas and Phoenix, Donald Trump made a big point of boasting about how “militaristic” he is, and how tough he’d be with ISIS. So this might be a good time to remind everyone that when it came time for Trump himself to …

Egypt’s Descent into the Heart of Darkness

Madness, power, and no good outcome on the immediate horizon
8/15/13 1:18:50 pm
re: #24 Ian G. I think that's the worst thing we can do. As others have pointed out, if we did that, it would only open the door for some other country to step in, one that might not have ...
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GOP Congressmen Who Fall for Everything Fall for Another Fox News Fantasy

They just love to feel persecuted
5/04/13 2:30:18 pm
Gohmert is indeed a stupid, depraved, poor excuse for a man, but I would feel better about these posts that Charles features if I believed he was "falling" for anything. Though stupid, these right wing extremists are smart enough to ...
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Lindsey Graham: To Avoid 7.5% Cut in Military Budget, Let’s Kill Obamacare

Heartless bastards do it again
2/17/13 2:56:02 pm
Here's an idea: if Republicans simply allow the sequester to occur, the president has enormous discretion in where the cuts come from. And if I were he, closing Fort Jackson would be top of the list. It's time, with no ...
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Erick Erickson ‘Stands By’ Rep. Joe Walsh’s Attacks on Veteran

There’s really nothing too despicable for today’s right wing
7/07/12 7:17:17 pm
re: #21 Patricia Kayden I agree with your comment, and it made me think about professional wrestling. Fox (and, I would say, MSNBC... I may be a tad more "conservative" than you are, although NOT "conservative" in the sense of ...
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