Military Coup Attempt Reported in Turkey

578Sherlock Hound
7/15/16 7:44:24 pm
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This could be a very big deal; reports are coming out of Turkey that there’s been an attempted military coup. Social media has been blocked: UPDATE at 7/15/16 1:20:31 pm by Charles Johnson UPDATE at 7/15/16 2:07:52 pm by Charles Johnson Turkish military sources are now claiming they’re in …

Washington Post Calls for US to Suspend Aid to Egypt

A lot hinges on a word
125Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
7/05/13 10:35:23 pm
We are allowing a dangerous precendent to be set here: One of the big reasons Egyptian secularists The Tea Party rose up against the Morsi Obama government in such gigantic numbers was because they saw their democratic freedoms eroding before ...