Brain-Dead Breitbart Rant of the Day: “The Onion Goes Anti-Semitic”

Humor: unclear on the concept
11/20/12 6:43:15 pm
Charles Johnson, Think the Onion could make fun of Breitbart? Or do you think its too much of a self parody to be made fun off?

We have a winner in today’s Most Ridiculous Right Wing Rant contest, and once again it goes to the inimitable, reliably deranged, where hack William Bigelow is screaming in all caps: THE ONION GOES ANTI-SEMITIC! That’s the ticket, Onion. Buy into the ‘plight’ of the Palestinians and ignore the …

Breitbrat Ben Shapiro Pens Nutty Rant Against Lena Dunham

Ben’s blue nose is way out of joint
260Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
10/26/12 9:14:03 pm
re: #256 Daniel Ballard They will eventually have nukes, if they want them. So will anyone. Technology marches on. We can't put the genie back in the bottle.

Your Bigoted Fear-Mongering All-Caps Headline of the Day

Muslims under the bed at
8/07/12 12:07:25 pm
re: #558 Kragar If some two-bit charter school imagines that I would ever allow my child to be forced to take a pregnancy test so they could keep their precious classes clean of gestating people...

The Giant Breitbart Awakes

A day of epic butthurt evokes a potent right wing meme
6/29/12 12:14:05 pm
Grocery stores really aren't that good for cities really anyhow. Smaller convenience stores are a better fit for cities. You see more grocery stores in the suburbs because more people use cars in the suburbs and you can get more ... Bombshell Exclusive: Professor Did Not See Barack Obama at Bill Ayers’ House!

The parade of derp continues
165Patricia Kayden
6/05/12 10:07:47 am
If this is how Breitbartlians want to spend their time until November, that's fine with me. They can't get any crazier than what they are now anyways.

The 7 Most Ridiculous Breitbart Articles of the Week

Can I get a witness?
5/26/12 3:45:42 am
re: #327 I'm back in the USSR (sigh) I was reading something recently that suggested the only part of hypnotism that is effective is in memory recall. I'll see if I can remember where/what that was later.

Fear the Vetting! Bombshell Exclusive: We Don’t Have Obama’s SAT Scores!

Vetting their pants again
97Grunthos the Flatulent
5/22/12 4:00:53 pm
re: #96 Patricia Kayden Utterly irrelevant nit to pick from the BritEng-speaking world: "Sir [firstname]", or "Sir [firstname] [lastname]", but never "Sir [lastname]".

Literary Agent on Breitbart Bombshell: ‘A Simple Mistake’

Fail of the week
5/17/12 11:08:22 pm
re: #722 Gus Grim grim grim. if this was happening at that level in the States, the counterforce response would be unbelievable. My neighborhood would be, literally, up in arms. Don't fuck with Bouldin Creek. We are heavily armed Liberals. ...