Brain-Dead Breitbart Rant of the Day: “The Onion Goes Anti-Semitic”

Humor: unclear on the concept
11/20/12 6:43:15 pm
Charles Johnson, Think the Onion could make fun of Breitbart? Or do you think its too much of a self parody to be made fun off?

We have a winner in today’s Most Ridiculous Right Wing Rant contest, and once again it goes to the inimitable, reliably deranged, where hack William Bigelow is screaming in all caps: THE ONION GOES ANTI-SEMITIC! That’s the ticket, Onion. Buy into the ‘plight’ of the Palestinians and ignore the …

Your Bigoted Fear-Mongering All-Caps Headline of the Day

Muslims under the bed at
8/07/12 12:07:25 pm
re: #558 Kragar If some two-bit charter school imagines that I would ever allow my child to be forced to take a pregnancy test so they could keep their precious classes clean of gestating people...
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The Giant Breitbart Awakes

A day of epic butthurt evokes a potent right wing meme
6/29/12 12:14:05 pm
Grocery stores really aren't that good for cities really anyhow. Smaller convenience stores are a better fit for cities. You see more grocery stores in the suburbs because more people use cars in the suburbs and you can get more ...
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Breitbart Blogger Dan Riehl: A High School Bully and Proud of It

One of Romney’s chosen bloggers gleefully brags about bullying
5/11/12 6:58:56 pm
re: #43 dragonfire1981 Bullies tormented me and PLL, too. Dan Riel is an utter ass if he thinks proudly calling himself a bully is a good thing, and an utter fool for not realizing how its going to bite him ...
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Fake Outrage of the Weekend: Dan Savage, the ‘Vile Anti-Christian Bully’

“Journalism on the Edge” attendees walk out when things get too edgy
322Patricia Kayden
4/30/12 2:49:08 pm
I wish Dan hadn't apologized. He spoke the truth. As a Christian, of course I have to admit that I do not obey every single thing written in the Bible. All Christians would have to say the same. Why some ...
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Your Laughable Post of the Day: ‘What Gutsy Call?’

Even if Obama had personally parachuted in and gunned down bin Laden, they’d still be whining
84funky chicken
4/27/12 8:54:26 pm
re: #57 Talking Point Detective QFT, and I still wonder what Sadaam thought he had? Or was he crazy enough to think his bluff would work out for him? Obviously the Sauds were anxious to shift the focus Sadaam's way. ...
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