Brain-Dead Breitbart Rant of the Day: “The Onion Goes Anti-Semitic”

Humor: unclear on the concept
11/20/12 6:43:15 pm
Charles Johnson, Think the Onion could make fun of Breitbart? Or do you think its too much of a self parody to be made fun off?

We have a winner in today’s Most Ridiculous Right Wing Rant contest, and once again it goes to the inimitable, reliably deranged, where hack William Bigelow is screaming in all caps: THE ONION GOES ANTI-SEMITIC! That’s the ticket, Onion. Buy into the ‘plight’ of the Palestinians and ignore the …

Your Bigoted Fear-Mongering All-Caps Headline of the Day

Muslims under the bed at
8/07/12 12:07:25 pm
re: #558 Kragar If some two-bit charter school imagines that I would ever allow my child to be forced to take a pregnancy test so they could keep their precious classes clean of gestating people...
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The Giant Breitbart Awakes

A day of epic butthurt evokes a potent right wing meme
6/29/12 12:14:05 pm
Grocery stores really aren't that good for cities really anyhow. Smaller convenience stores are a better fit for cities. You see more grocery stores in the suburbs because more people use cars in the suburbs and you can get more ...
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