GOP Rebranding: Senate Republicans Block Minimum Wage Legislation

These are very bad people
4/30/14 3:40:30 pm
re: #169 Kragar I think that's supposed to be 'to forsake" not "for the sake of" small but tangible difference //////
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And today in the Senate, the Republican Party demonstrated once again their great concern for the working people of America by filibustering another minimum wage hike.

The people overseas who make your clothes are rioting…

The high cost of low price
176Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
9/28/13 10:28:08 am
re: #175 Political Atheist No, you're making up a strawman of my argument and attacking it, as you do far too often. Costs cannot be ignored. Higher production costs prompt a decision: Whether you want to raise the prices, shrinking ...
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