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The Lessons of the Gosnell Case: Exactly the Opposite of the Right Wing Spin

The right wing war on women’s reproductive rights created Kermit Gosnell
57Feline Fearless Leader
4/15/13 12:20:35 pm
re: #32 A Mom Anon I can think of two additional reasons right off the top of my head: 1. A lot of hospitals have a direct affiliation with a Christian Church in some way, often a historical association. 2. ...
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Scott Lemieux has a good piece at the American Prospect today, summing up the reasons why the right wing’s huge fake outrage over Kermit Gosnell is hypocritical and deceptive, and why the case demonstrates the exact opposite of the right wing’s hysterical narrative: Five Lessons From the Gosnell Abortion-Clinic Controversy. …

Missouri Caveman Todd Akin Arrested in 1987 With Radical Anti-Abortion Group

Very bad craziness
10/22/12 1:42:34 pm
Type 59s are also quite small compared to the M-1 and actually get higher gas mileage (not kidding). I'd be like buying low-powered Smartcars instead of GTOs. You'd have to be French-Canadian to do that. (that last is kidding.)

Romney Says Akin’s Comment ‘Inexcusable,’ but Paul Ryan Joined Akin to Try to Redefine Rape

Todd Akin’s mistake: saying it out loud
8/20/12 5:57:12 pm
re: #56 Kragar Comparing Akin to Witherspoon is a big stretch. Witherspoon was influential; Akin will be but a sorry footnote in American political history. And while Barton here is idolizing Witherspoon, I suspect he would reject Witherspoon's religion as ...
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Limbaugh: It All Went Downhill When Women Got the Right to Vote

“That’s when votes started being cast with emotion and maternal instincts”
384First As Tragedy, Then As Farce
7/04/12 10:32:10 am
re: #382 Feline Emperor of the Conservative Waste A pessimist only has to be right in a big way once (even if only by accident) in order to be taken at least a little seriously from that point onward.
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