Trump Attacks Hillary’s Health: “Think Hillary Would Be Able to Stand Up Here for an Hour?”

Off the leash again
1 week, 2 days ago
re: #169 BeachDem The whole family is simply disgusting. Liars every one. No morals at all. And every one is a loathsome entitled asshat. Every. Last. One. Of. Them.
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I have to admit I thought he’d be attacking Hillary for having pneumonia before this. His campaign put out the word to refrain from mentioning her health after that fainting episode on 9/11, and they kept Trump on the leash for three whole days before he couldn’t stop himself …

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Florida GOP Chairman: Clinton Will ‘Go Down Like Monica Lewinsky’

4/28/16 10:54:42 pm
re: #69 HappyWarrior While I didn't agree with his politics, I always saw Boehner as an honorable man who wanted to play ball but was forever hamstrung by the wingnuts in his party. I'm willing to bet there wasn't a ...
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Ted Cruz Calls Trump a ‘Sniveling Coward’ for Attacking His Wife

As Cruz calls for unconstitutional surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods
169Schroedinger's Dog
3/24/16 4:26:40 pm
I want to see if we can make a phrase trend on the internet. So anytime you use Trump's name make sure you add "who has no business being president", immediately thereafter. With any luck it will show up on ...
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Trump Aide Cites Chuck C. Johnson AGAIN, With a Grotesque Misogynist Attack on Reporter Michelle Fields

Lewandowski makes it even worse
3/10/16 5:48:32 pm
re: #128 Ziggy_TARDIS What I find most interesting of that experiment was even though they bred for nothing but temperament, the more docile and domesticated foxes all started to change physical appearance. Getting lighter colored coats, floppier ears etc.
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